Liberate the Leaf

People have been using cannabis for thousands of years, but over the last hundred years myths and propaganda have replaced evidence and study. The public is misinformed, overly incarcerated and saddled with outdated prohibitive laws based on fallacies. Cannabis United is dedicated to educating and assisting today’s cannabis consumer and voting citizen. Our digital resources help people LEARN, FIND, ENJOY responsibly and PARTICIPATE in the world of cannabis. Fostering insight, we help tell the bigger story in ways people can digest and share. Providing experiences by the people, for the people.


Want Legalization

A majority of Americans want to regulate cannabis and that number grows every year. A 2018 Gallup poll clocked support at 66%, doubling from 16 years earlier.


Made It Medical

30 of our 50 states have had enough pressure from their citizens to make special laws allowing medical use. This proves demand, reveals public opinion and demonstrates the need for more medical options.

Annual Arrests for Possession


Over a half million Americans are arrested for cannabis possession every year. Those who remain in prison are removed from their family and a productive tax-generating life merely because they had weed on them.

Annual Deaths from Opioids


We are in the middle of an opioid epidemic. In 2017 alone, 47,600 people overdosed trying to treat pain when we have a pain-relieving option in cannabis with no risk of death from overdose.

Share Your Story

The only way to break stigma and bias is sharing real life experiences to shift perspective closer to reality. The truth will set us free. Do you have a story, a challenge, a triumph, a mentor, a joke, a recipe, a remedy, a technique or a strong opinion? We’re here to help tell everyday stories to the people who need to hear them.

Industry Inclusion

We increase awareness of the plant and its benefits while introducing companies and their expertise.


Support Our Efforts

A discussion needs to take place in this country. An awakening to the facts, exposure to suffering and a reminder that we the people direct our government. Join the movement and support our efforts by reading, suggesting and sharing our stories and resources.


Sponsor Our Properties

We introduce cannabis consumers to cannabis companies in a contextually relevant and unobtrusive way, connecting businesses with their exact target audience. Looking to increase your brand visibility and awareness? Gain customers while helping fuel the digital revolution.


Invest In Our Vision

Cannabis United has operated as a co-op of passionate individuals and skilled helpers. To take our vision to the next level we may choose to take on new partners to gain capital and expertise.